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5 Signs You Need At-Home LED Light Therapy in Your Skincare Routine

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From boosting skin elasticity to achieving a healthy and radiant skin, there’s a lot you can benefit from LED Light Therapy. 

On top of having a solid skincare routine, at-home LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is a new convenient way to achieve youthful, glowing skin. 

This popular non-invasive treatment enters the skin’s layers using different wavelengths of light to treat skin damage from conditions such as acne and give the skin the rejuvenation it needs. Each colour penetrates the skin at different depths, which triggers biological processes that stimulate the skin’s natural healing responses. 

Not to mention that this is one of the safest yet effective skin treatment options as LED light therapy devices, both at-home and clinical devices, don’t emit ultraviolet (UV) rays, so this will not cause further damage to the skin. Research also indicates that this is suitable for all skin types. 

However so, you might still not be sure if you need to have an at-home LED Light therapy device at all. To answer your questions, we’ve rounded up the top signs that it’s time to include at-home LED light therapy in your skincare routine. 

1. You Are Struggling With Acne

Do you still struggle with acne even though you are proactively trying to treat it? We know it can be frustrating to still see blemishes despite the effort you’ve done to achieve a flawless look. 

Fortunately, there are now available at-home LED light therapy devices that you can use to help manage your breakouts. One of the many benefits of LED light therapy is it treats breakouts by eliminating acne-causing bacteria. It also targets the oil glands deep within the skin, which helps regulate oil production. 

For anyone with especially stubborn acne, if you ask any skincare expert about breakouts, you’ll get the same answer, which is to never pop your pimples no matter how tempting it is. Not only are you making it worse by further damaging your skin barrier, but you are also risking your skin from getting infected. Because LED light therapy is non-invasive, this also minimises physical contact with the skin, making it an even more suitable option for treating breakouts. 

Take this as a sign to upgrade your anti-acne skincare regimen and add LED light therapy to your routine. 


2. You Realise That Fine Lines Started to Appear

Did you know that the production of collagen and elastin – proteins that keep the skin firm, giving us that plump and youthful look – start to slow down as early as your teens? Some women start to see lines forming in their mid-20s, some are luckier as they are spared from fine lines until their late 30s or even in their 40s. 

Regardless of our age, at some point we will all begin to develop creases in our skin. However, our advice to you is that it is never too early or late to start preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

One proven way to prevent said lines is through LED light therapy. This treatment has gained popularity the past few years and for good reason. LED light therapy helps reduce fine lines by stimulating collagen and elastin production, resulting in a firmer and more youthful-looking complexion. 

LED light therapy also boosts the anti-ageing benefits of your skincare by improving product absorption, helping your skin better absorb the anti-ageing serums and products you apply.


3. You often wish that your skin complexion is more even

Uneven skin tone is one of the most common skin problems. The skin becomes uneven due to hyperpigmentation which occurs because of excess melanin production. Oftentimes, different factors such as excessive sun exposure or hormonal changes lead to blotchy discoloured skin patches, which can be a nightmare to deal with.  

But what if we told you that it’s not impossible to achieve a bright and even skin tone?

Say goodbye to your skin’s dark spots and rough patchy texture with LED light therapy. While some of these dark spots will fade on their own, there are times when these marks are a little tough to treat. If you’re dealing with persistent skin discolourations, we recommend you to try green LED light therapy as it has skin-brightening properties. This is great for reducing hyperpigmentation as it prevents excess melanin production, making your smooth and even-toned #skingoals a reality. 


4. You often woke up to a red, inflamed skin

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been victims of skin inflammation. What are the odds that one morning, you also woke up to a red, inflamed skin? Your face can look red and puffy for many reasons. It can happen after having one too many drinks the night before, compromised skin barrier, or sometimes for no particular reason at all. 

Good news is that you can quickly soothe your red, puffy skin with LED light therapy treatment. Calming your skin can do wonders in treating inflammation and avoiding redness. One way to do so is to use green LED light therapy as it cools the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties, thus reducing the appearance of skin redness and irritation. 


5. You are getting a microneedling treatment regularly

If you are doing your own microneedling treatment, then this is for you! While microneedling is already effective on its own, you can bring your regimen to the next level by using LED light therapy after your microneedling sessions. 

We already know that microneedling works by pricking the surface of the skin with tiny sterilised needles, which stimulates the skin’s regenerative ability. The tiny wounds allow the body to create more collagen, which improves the appearance and texture of your skin.

Getting LED light therapy post-microneedling, particularly red light therapy, aids in the production of new collagen and elastin, fast-tracking your skin’s healing. LED light therapy also repairs skin on a cellular level. It helps enhance moisture within the skin to promote overall skin health and allow the skin to heal itself from within.

Overall, both treatments go hand in hand in giving you the best flawless skin possible. You no longer have to worry whether your facial wounds or scars are permanent, you have these treatments to help you achieve that mirror-glass skin you’ve always dreamt of. 

Now, if you haven’t added LED light therapy into your skincare routine yet, you better start now. It may seem daunting at first, but with Dr. Pen’s wide range of at-home LED light therapy devices – such as masks, panels, wands – it’s now easier and convenient to enhance your skincare routine, and for a fraction of the cost. With readily accessible devices, you can easily incorporate LED light therapy as a part of your daily activity. It’s even better that you can do this at the comfort of your home.  

For best results, consistency is key. By regularly using at-home LED light therapy tools and maintaining a solid skincare routine, you can achieve healthy skin all throughout. 

Explore Dr. Pen Australia’s range of at-home LED light therapy tools for face and body at


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