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Face Mapping - How To Microneedle

When microneedling, it’s important to remember that different areas of the face will require a slightly different technique.

This is because certain areas of the face are fleshier - such as the cheeks - whereas others have thinner, more delicate skin such as the under-eye skin.

Below, we’ve broken down the recommended microneedling motions for each area of the face.

Before we get started, why not also take a moment to review our Needle Depth Chart and Speed Level Guide

Before you microneedle

  • Clean your skin & tie back your hair: Any dirt, oils or stray hairs on the skin can increase the chance of infection or irritation.

    Double-cleanse (cleanse and repeat) your skin with your cleanser of choice to remove all traces of makeup and lotions. Fully tie back your hair, away from your face.

  • Apply a numbing cream (optional): You can purchase numbing cream from over the counter at any chemist. We recommend numbing creams that contain at least 5% Lidocaine.

    Apply approximately ⅓ to ½ of the tube to the area to be needled, leave on for 20 - 60 minutes (until you feel the cream take effect) then thoroughly remove the cream.

    Once you’ve removed the cream, cleanse the skin again. You can use 0.1 chlorhexidine or 60% alcohol with purified water to wipe off the numbing cream. We recommend Isocol rubbing alcohol. This is to avoid getting numbing cream into the microchannels.

  • Apply Serum: Use a hydrating serum such as Hyaluronic Acid before microneedling to lubricate the skin, helping the needles to glide and preventing drag. Do not use Vitamin C (as it can cause a reaction), retinol, active ingredients like AHA or BHA, exfoliants and brightening ingredients.

Face mapping - how to microneedle

1. Between the eyebrows

Start between the brows. 

In this area, wrinkles can often become deeply set. Use a small criss-cross motion with your microneedling pen (upwards only, rather than up and down), applying an even pressure and holding the skin above the eyebrows taut with your free hand.

2. Forehead

Next, onto the forehead and it’s time to do a criss-cross motion, using alternating strokes of upwards, then sideways. 

Use a light, even pressure. If you have some loose skin, you may need to hold this area taut also.

3. Brow area

As you next move to the eyebrows, use your free hand to hold the skin taught and gently pull from the peak of your eyebrow outwards. 

Move your microneedling pen in cross-outwards motions gently across the brow bone. 

Dr Pen Face Mapping Microneedling Guide 1

4. Crows feet

At the crows feet area, be gentle as the skin here is delicate. If your skin is loose, use your free hand to gently hold the skin taut. 

Use outwards cross motions that lift slightly up as you near the hairline. 

5. Under-eye area

In the delicate under eye area, apply a light pressure and move the microneedling pen in cross, outward motions towards the side of the face, being extra careful not to drag the pen.
TIP: Always remember to apply Hyaluronic Acid to the area that you’re about to needle right before needling.This will help the pen to glide across the skin effortlessly. 

6. Cheeks

Moving on to the fattier area of the cheeks, using your free hand to hold the skin taut,  use cross outwards motions towards the outer sides of your face. 

Then, from the earlobes and up to the cheekbone, use gentle upwards motions with your microneedling pen.

Dr Pen Face Mapping Microneedling Guide 2

7. Chin

On the fleshy part of your chin, use up and cross motions to gently needle the area.

8. Jaw

Pulling from the bottom of your jaw, gently make upwards strikes towards your cheeks (being careful not to overlap where you’ve previously needled). 

9. Upper lip

In the small fleshy area between your cupid’s bow and nose, gently make upwards motions, then cross sideways motions towards the outsides of your face.

Dr Pen Face Mapping Microneedling Guide 3

10. Nose

Finally, on the nose, make upward strokes towards the brow/forehead area.

TIP: If there are any areas that you are having trouble reaching with ease, or you feel are too small to do a ‘criss cross’ motion on, you can do small, circular motions with your pen to treat this area (e.g. the sides of the nose, or the crows feet area). 

Dr Pen Face Mapping Microneedling Guide 4

How do I start microneedling and what do I do if I need help?

Whether it’s choosing the right microneedling pen for your needs, understanding how to get the most from your microneedling treatments or simply determining how to get closer to achieving the results that you desire - we’re here to help! 

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