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Ambassador Story - Hayley Rose

Recently, Dr Pen Australia Ambassador @hayleyannerose tried out our Femvy Blackhead Remover. Some of you may already know that this product is the premium device for t he removal of dead skin cells and congestion, minus the discomfort experienced with extraction and the heavy price tag from a visit to a skin clinic for professional microdermabrasion.

Watch Hayley's short video below:


As we age, our cellular turnover rate slows down. This is why it's important to exfoliate regularly so you can freshen your appearance. The removal of dirt and dead skin cells will also decrease the appearance of your acne, as congested pores is one of the big causes of breakouts. 

By using the Femvy Blackhead Remover, your skin will literally glow! A huge improvement in your overall skin texture and tone will occur from the increased ingredient absorption of serums and moisturisers. When you remove build-up and dead skin cells, the potent ingredients in your serums will penetrate deeper into your skin. You will notice a smooth canvas for you to apply your makeup to as well. 

We sent this pore vacuum off to Hayley for review. Read about her experience below:

"Today, I vacuumed my skin. Recently, Dr Pen Australia asked me to try their microdermabrasion and blackhead remover device. The stylish tool comes with a few disposable filters and four different heads: two for cleaning pores, one for exfoliating and one for cupping. It also has different suction modes depending on how hardcore you are and whether you want to clean or focus on fine lines. The pore cleaning heads weren't for me because I don't get blackheads, they aggravated my pimples and slightly bruised my skin, even on the lowest setting. I do like the exfoliator head though, which has a crystalline head which removes dead skin and smooths the surface. You will even see the crap it removes when you clean the attachment afterwards. 

I tried the cupping head on my boyfriend (onya babe) but because you need to leave the detachable cup on for 5-10mins at a time, we only did one spot as doing his whole back would've taken an hour. Apparently the cupping head helps with eczema. So I'd love to try that when I have another breakout."

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