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Everything You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

If you suffer from acne, scarring, pigmentation or clogged pores and blackheads, microdermabrasion might be a good option for you to add into your routine. 

Sometimes you need a little more than exfoliants to clear your skin of debris and reduce the appearance of sun damage and scarring. This is where a treatment like microdermabrasion comes into it. 

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is essentially a more intense form of exfoliation. In a salon, your therapist will use a machine which exfoliates by spraying tiny crystals on your face to remove dead skin cells. 

Microdermabrasion also uses a variable flow of vacuum suction to maintain contact with the skin whilst the crystals or diamond tips smooth the skin's surface. 

This treatment will set you back a couple hundred dollars per appointment! For this reason, we are now selling an at-home version with our Femvy Blackhead Remover (currently discounted at $99). 

How Does It Work?

The device has 4 different suction heads to choose from, including one specifically for microdermabrasion. This head has a diamond tip to smooth the surface of your face and providing you with an at-home microdermabrasion treatment!

The blackhead remover doesn’t just give your skin a deep clean it also combats signs of ageing, hyper-pigmentation spots and sun damage. The motored device glides over the skin, smoothing texture and cleansing while also reducing fine lines and wrinkles as it goes. The Femvy Blackhead Remover and Pore Vacuum is safe to use on the face, neck and body for an even skin tone and a youthful radiance. The blackhead remover is designed for all kind of skin types, so there is no need to be afraid of injury, micro tears or scarring.

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Microdermabrasion Benefits for Skin:

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular non-surgical skin resurfacing treatments and can assist with the appearance of:

  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Brightening
  • Fine lines
  • Clogged pores
  • Post acne marks
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Excessive oil
  • Dry, flakey skin

Microdermabrasion will also allow better absorption of skincare products from the increased penetration. By revealing newer, healthier cells, your skin will literally glow!

Get yours now by hitting this link. If you're interested in improving your skin health, you might be interested in our new LED masks or our microneedling devices. Check our our other blogs on these products here. 

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