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Introducing Our Pore Vacuum - The Femvy Blackhead Remover

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Along with our brand new LED masks, we are also selling our own pore vacuums called the Femvy Blackhead Remover! This powerful little device does exactly that - vacuums your pores to make them squeaky clean. If you're prone to blackheads and congestion, or even if you regularly apply makeup or fake tan, you're going to want to learn more about what this device can offer you. Even if you don't, the pore vacuum works for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their skin texture as your face will literally glow after each use.

What Do They Do?

They do exactly as their name suggests - they "vacuum" aka clean your pores and any dead skin cells. You turn on the device, stick the circular tip on your skin, then slowly slide it over your pores where it will remove any dirt and other build-up in your face. 

There are also different suction nozzles you can use depending on the outcome you're seeking. There are options for blackheads, microdermabrasion and exfoliation. 

Pore vacuums are fantastic for anyone who wants to look fresh and rejuvenated and keep breakouts at bay. Perfect for pre-event when you want your skin to look smooth and vibrant.

How To Use:

How To Use

Prep your skin by having a warm shower, steaming, or applying a warm washcloth over your face. This part is very important as it will help soften your pores prior to the extraction from the device.

You will then select the nozzle you wish to use, i.e if you're wanting to remove blackheads then choose the one for blackheads. It's a good idea to do a little exfoliation of your face first with a facial scrub, as this will clear the way for optimum dirt removal with the device.

There are four different suction levels to choose from. Beginners may want to start on level 1 until they are comfortable, more experienced users may choose a higher level. The level you choose is individual.


After use, wash your face with cool water and dry with a clean towel. This is a great time to apply a serum as the ingredients will be absorbed more easily now that your skin has been removed of any dead skin cells. You may also experience a little dryness and mild flaking afterwards, so applying a moisturiser is recommended too. 

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