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What is Derma Stamping?

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For those of you who are already familiar with microneedling treatments, you may have already heard of the term "derma stamping." If you're new to microneedling, you should know there are a few different ways to perform collagen induction therapy from home or in salon.

There are 3 different devices and techniques to choose from...

1. Dr Pen Australia Auto-Microneedle Pens

2. Derma Rollers

3. Derma Stamps

All these devices and techniques will yield results through collagen induction therapy and treat common skincare concerns such as acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, loose skin and more. For those unfamiliar, you can learn more about how collagen induction therapy works here

We already sell a variety of Dr Pen devices in our online store, and recently added in a derma roller set too. Now, we're very excited to also announce the launch of our Derma Stamp!  

In this article we will be focusing on explaining the derma stamp and its benefits. If you're interested in learning about the differences between the derma roller and Dr Pen devices, you can also learn about that in our How it Works section - click here.

Keep reading to learn more. 

What is derma stamping?

Derma stamping is a very simple technique, but when performed consistently it can deliver great results after just a few treatments. Derma stamps come with a flat needle cartridge connected to a long handle, similar to rollers and Dr Pen devices, except these cartridges do not roll or pulsate. They are a fixed cartridge stamper. As the name suggests, you will literally stamp the areas you wish to treat by hand. This technique is ideal for treating and targeting more specific areas - such as for hair loss or scarring. 

As with the pens and the rollers, stamping delivers a controlled trauma to the skin which in turn stimulates our healing response and boosts collagen and elastin production. Over the course of several treatments, you will see a huge improvement in the area through natural rejuvenation. 

What are the benefits of derma stamping?

Decreased Trauma: One of the benefits of derma stamping is the decreased trauma to your skin compared with other techniques. Because you aren't dragging the pen at all, you may notice there is less redness and bleeding post-treatment. You will still experience some redness and mild swelling, however, when performed properly it will be less than when compared with other techniques.

Amazing for Hair Loss: Stamping can improve the appearance of hair loss by increasing the hair follicle size and strength. This is achieved by regulating the chemical signalling in the scalp through the deliberate, controlled trauma process. Stamping can also dramatically increase the absorption of any appropriate hair restoration products. This means that when applied topically, products can penetrate through the newly created micro-channels, and this penetration allows for much better interaction with hair follicles and growth stimulation. 

Shorter Treatments: While a derma roller and the pens provide the user with a an easy grip and efficient coverage, the derma stamp can be more productive when working with particular areas repeatedly, such as the forehead or the backs of your shoulders. For this reason, it's also easier for shorter and more targeted treatments. 

Minimised Downtime: Some users report that the derma stamp is less painful than the derma roller and the pens, but your experience will definitely be affected by the needle length you use as well as the amount of pressure you apply on the tool while stamping. As with the other devices, the level of discomfort you experience will also come down to your individual pain tolerance and whether or not you choose to use numbing cream before your treatment. 

Budget Friendly: Similar to the derma roller, the derma stamp is also more budget friendly than the advanced Dr Pen devices. While far more sophisticated, the Dr Pen devices may be a little intimidating for new users to purchase. By comparison, our derma stamp is only $34.95. 

Easy to Use: The derma stamp is very easy to use and may be less daunting for new users. As the name suggests, you simply stamp the area you wish to treat repeatedly. 

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Achieving flawless skin is hard work! And unfortunately as we age, it becomes even harder. But before you give up, remember there are lots of options available now to help you achieve a vibrant complexion without spending a fortune. A few smart choices can go a long way, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, avoiding excessive sun exposure, getting enough sleep and sticking to a skincare routine catered to your skin type. As far as treatment options go, microneedling is brilliant for everybody as it simply triggers your body's own natural repair system and boosts your production of collagen and elastin. Literally everyone can benefit from microneedling treatments!

If you think the derma stamp is the right device for you to treat those stubborn imperfections, you will love our brand new derma stamp! Learn more about this product by clicking the link here - Derma Stamp Microneedling Skin Tool



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