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Which is the Best Dr Pen to Buy?

Everyday we get asked questions surrounding which device a potential customer should purchase, or "which is the best device?" "can you recommend a good device for scarring" and so on.

The answer is - they all are! The reason for this is because ALL of our devices are microneedling pens. So what you really need to be focusing on is the needle depth you use and your overall skincare regime. If you're unsure which needle depth you should be using, we have created a depth chart for you to look over here. 

Watch the video above for a quick breakdown, or keep reading to learn more.

Below is a list of features customers should consider before purchasing a Dr. Pen device.


Factoring in your budget will make a big difference when it comes to choosing the right pen for you. If you're really wanting to get your hands on a device but you're on a tight budget, the M5 is our most affordable starter pen. It also comes in an attractive rose gold metallic design to compliment your bathroom or bedroom interior. Our most expensive pen is the M8 which comes with the fastest motor, finest needles and in-built rechargeable battery. 


Cordless Option

For some customers, the ability to use a device cordlessly is a high priority. If you don't have somewhere comfortable or somewhere near a mirror to plug your device into, you might like to choose the X5, A6 or the M8 which can be used cordlessly. That way you are free to use your device anywhere. 


LED Speed Display Screen

The X5, M8 and Hydra Pro offer speed display screens so you can easily see which speed level you are on. This might be helpful for customers who like to ensure they're on a particular level throughout their needling. 

Needle Gauge

The thickness of needles, or the "gauge" refers to the inner measurement or opening of the needle pins in each cartridge. A finer needle gauge might be suitable for customers who experience discomfort when needling, as this might assist in decreased trauma and possibly assist with post-needling redness. The A7 and the M8 offer cartridges with the finest needle gauge in the Dr. Pen range. The cartridges in these two devices are also said to cause less drag on the skin.


Motor Speed 

As with the needle gauge, motor speed may also help alleviate discomfort while needling. With a fast motor, your device will glide over your skin smoothly and possibly minimise redness post treatment. The motor speed is also believed to cause less drag on the skin during needling. The pens with the fastest motor speeds are the M8 and A7.  




Lets be honest, cute packaging matters. Some of us may be more prone to seek out cute cosmetics and devices, so if you feel you fit into that category you might like to take the appearance of your pen into consideration before purchasing. The M5 is a beautiful rose gold and metallic device with a sleek and shiny exterior, perfect for that Instagram shot or even just to compliment your bathroom shelf. Another option could be the X5 which comes in a silky metallic purple and is also one of our most popular devices.


Serum Capsule

The Hydra Pro is the only device with an in-built serum capsule. This means you can fill the capsule up with a serum of your choice and it will release itself through the cartridge whilst you're needling and easily enter those newly created micro-channels. However, keep in mind the Hydra Pro is the only device with a fixed needle depth set at 0.5mm, so you will need to make sure this level is suitable for you and the skincare concerns you wish to target.  

hydra pro


After taking in consideration some of these points, you may now feel a little more comfortable when it comes to choosing your device. If you still have reservations, please feel free to contact our customer service team here.


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