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Dr. Pen x Zobelle Microneedling Pen

Give the gift of glowing skin
(without breaking the bank)

Celebrate beautiful, glowing skin with the limited-edition Dr. Pen x Zobelle Microneedling collaboration.

Introducing Zobelle Maxima
(luxe at-home microneedling device)

Everything you need for happier, healthier skin.

Prepare to take the skincare journey to the next level. Whether you're self-gifting or giving your loved one the timeless gift of radiant, healthy skin.

You can microneedle or nanoneedle with this limited edition pen at-home. No microneedling experience required.

It naturally boosts collagen production by creating precise microchannels in your skin.

This process stimulates your skin’s natural healing response, renewing the surface and leaving you with a healthy, more youthful complexion.

Why you'll love this device

Luxury Case

BONUS Limited Edition Luxe case

(worth $100)

12-month warranty

Peace of mind with a 12-month New Zealandn warranty

BONUS Cartridges

BONUS offer FREE cartridge pack included (worth $49.95)

The Perfect Gift Does Exist

Enjoy all best features of Dr. Pen’s bestselling M8 microneedling device in a limited edition Zobelle colour, perfectly packaged in a dreamy, luxury microneedling case... a fraction of the cost for a limited time only!

WORTH $350, Yours for a magical $190 (that's 45% off RRP!)


The safe, and easy-to-use Dr. Pen x Zobelle microneedling pen helps to reduce the appearance of:

Fine lines and wrinkles
Acne & Surgical scarring
Sun damage
Uneven skin texture
Stretch marks
Hair loss
And many more!


* Wireless or corded use
* Rechargeable built-in battery
* Digital display screen
* 4-hour battery life
* 6-speed control
* Up to 15,000RPM
* Adjustable needle depth (0mm-2.5mm)
* Ultra-thin needle gauge
* Arced needle edge
* Replaceable needle cartridges
* 12-month device warranty

What's Included?

1 x Limited Edition Zobelle Maxima Microneedling Pen
2 x 16-needle cartridges
1 x AU charger cable
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Instruction manual
1 x Luxury Protective Case

How to use

A comprehensive instruction guide is provided with your limited edition package.

1. Tie your hair fully back.
2. Double cleanse your skin and hands.
3. Put on sterile gloves (not provided)
4. Open a new sterile needle cartridge pack & insert gently into Zobelle Maxima Microneedling Pen.
5. Apply your serum to the area (we recommend using Femvy Hylauronic Acid Serum) to ensure the device glides smoothly across your skin, and increases product absorption.
6. Set the speed and depth dials to your personal preference.
7. Turn the device on by pressing the power button.
8. Glide tip in a steady and even motion across the skin.
9. Use a cross-hatch technique.
10. Repeat the area 1-2 times and then move onto the next area.
11. Once finished the treatment, add more serum while the micro channels are still open.
12. Then safely dispose of microneedle cartridge.

Choose recommended cartridges

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Excited to learn more?

Our knowledgable Dr. Pen Support team are happy to help you with any questions.

Use our live chat feature or head to our contact us page for more details.

"Best purchase I’ve made for my skincare. I absolutely love this device. I can see results immediately when I have used it. Very easy to use. Thank you Zobelle."

- Kat G. (Verified Zobelle Customer)

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